Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Long Day...

Wednesday, January 22

Today was a super long day, starting out by waiting in the cold to load up, then driving up to I-40. The trip to Fort Smith brought back a lot of memories, since I hadn't been down that way since at least 2010.

We stopped at Starbucks in FS, then I took the wheel to drive us to Memphis. Eastern Arkansas is pretty, but every other mile pretty much looks like the last one, especially with all the road construction. Saw a massive geese formation that looked like it could've been a special effect for a plague from a movie! Creepy, but cool.

Made it into Memphis where we decided to have an early dinner. Under the recommendation of Mr Perry, we ate at the Blues City Cafe, just off Riverside. Apparently there was a bluesfest going on on the street, so there were plenty of people and the whole place fairly sparked with neon anticipation.

The drive from Memphis to Tupelo was fairly uneventful. We found the guest cottage for Thom, Priscilla and the other photog (who requested that their name not be mentioned on this blog). Cute place, but couldn't really get a good feel of it in the dark. Made my way to the hotel where I was staying in town. Had some credit card problems, but got things squared away.

It's now a quarter after 11pm, I've munched, put away the clothes and am resting quite comfortably on this king bed. Until tomorrow...

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