Friday, January 24, 2014

Thursday, Jan 23

Scouting, Day 1

We started our first day of scouting by driving from Tupelo up the Natchez Trace into Alabama. Our first stop was Rock Spring, a waterway tucked at the foothhill of a mountain range. Bitterly cold, but amazing to look at.

We then moved back across the state line (just barely) to Colbert Ferry and Colbert's Stand (a sort of hotel, if you will, although there's nothing there now). Although I'm sure we're not related, being on that land, I felt such an incredible sadness. No other place we've traveled to so far has stirred a feeling like that.

After the ferry, we hit Buzzard's Roost Springs and Freedom Overlook, stopped by the Bear Creek Mound and made a surprising discovery at Cave Spring. Surprising it that it looked a lot more interesting once we got into it than looking at it from the road.

Lunch was at this little stop right of Tishomingo State Park. It was this cool, little movie town dinner/meeting place that permeates indie movies. Nice to see that it's based on a real-life concept!

After lunch was a trip into TSP and up the nature trail. Very interesting place.

Until Friday's posts...

It was so cold out, that I had to borrow one of the photogs scarves to keep my ears warm!

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