Sunday, January 26, 2014

Saturday, January 25

We started out (a very cold day) by stopping off at the Old Chickasaw Homelands right off the Natchez Trace. 

We then drove over into Alabama to visit Bankhead National Forest...well, we tried, anyways. Google got us to the park...and then way, way up off in a backroad that we could've heard Dueling Banjos on. We drove back down, found a (closed) ranger station and managed to get some help. The staff directed us to some great places to take photos.

Our first stop was a small natural land bridge whose waterfalls had frozen over the day before. It was a rough trek down with the equipment, but we made it and got some amazing shots.

We next went looking for some supposedly amazing waterfalls. Unfortunately, it would take us a good 30 minutes to hike the mile necessary to get to it and by then we would've lost the light. So we went looking for this other waterfall that 'was only a bit away.' We went driving...and driving...and driving...hiking off into all sorts of places that no human should get off into...

We eventually found our waterfall...but we were losing light, so we made the best of it.

This was my expression during one of our many jaunts down lanes that probably should've gotten us killed and used as human masks...

Seriously thought I might see Leatherface out there...or whatever is the Alabama equivalent...

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