Monday, January 27, 2014

Sunday, January 26

We went back to Tishomingo State Park today (sorry, Ms Patty, we didn't stop to eat!) to shoot an overhang, plus some more mini-waterfalls.

We started out with a scenic little area near the park entrance (we were waiting on the ranger to return)...

...then drove down to the (dreaded) swinging bridge. Why people think these things are good ideas is beyond me.

Anyway, we schlepped equipment about a quarter mile to the overhang location. The photogs got some great from-below shots, while I hoofed it up above to see how the view was.

 Hi, Thom!!

What you can't see from those photos, is that I'm about 50-60 feet above them, easily. This might help with perspective:

Or this:

Did I mention I have this thing about looking over the edge of something? Probably should've said something about that before now...

Anywho, we then moved on to another waterfall. We got plenty of shots above, below, in front of and behind it. Here's a taste:

We then moved on to find some spots closer to the river.

After getting a wee bit misplaced (some would say 'lost' but that's neither here nor there...) we called it a day and headed eat at quite possibly one of the best pizza parlors I've ever visited, The Lost Pizza Company in Tupelo, MS. Simply deeee-lish.

So that's the end of day 5. As, usual, here's a parting shot:


Walking some of those trails TOTALLY felt very Blair Witch-y

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